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Welding Machines


Welding Machines

Welder cooperate with the Europe’s largest welding consumables manufacturers and exports to more than 90 countries under its internationally registered trademarks GeKa, GeKaTec and GeKaMac.

Welder was founded in 2021 and is now a global industry leader in welding consumables and equipment. The company distributes approximately 9000 tons of premium quality covered welding electrodes, gas, submerged, flux type welding wires, rectifiers, gas and submerged arc welding machines, and welding generators.

MMA Welding Machines

MMA welding machines bring low cost and high versatility to site welding, off-shore, maintenance and repair and many more industries – And you won’t go wrong with a Welders’ welding machines.

-Inverter type DC Welding Machines
-IGBT technology
-Low energy consumption
-Thermal protection
-High voltage protection
-Small and light
-“Anti-stick” system to prevent the electrode from sticking
-Excellent welding characteristics with rutile & basic electrodes with Ø 2.0-Ø 4.0 mm
-Allows welding by Lift TIG

TIG Welding Machines

Under certain circumstances, TIG welding is the only solution for precision work, especially when working on thin metal surfaces.

-Precise and efficient TIG arc striking by high frequency
-Steady, easily targeted arc makes welding easy
-Low energy consumption and high efficiency
-Automatic compensation to mains voltage fluctuations within + %15 -%20
-Great voltage reserve increases ease of operation
-High performance on thin metal sheets
-Shock-proof fibre compound main structure
-Perform very well in MMA welding.Light weight and a compact size give better reach

MIG/MAG Welding Machines

MIG/MAG welding is possibly the most versatile welding process. At Welder, we focus on developing reliable, user-friendly MIG/MAG welders with perfect welding performance, to ensure high production capacity for you, regardless of industry or conditions.

-Multifunction power source with optimal welding characteristics in MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG
-Digital adjustments of all the welding parameters
-Arc Force-hot start and electrode
-Antisticking function for best MMA Welding
-Ability to store personalized welding parameters up to 99 JOBS
-Selector for Current, wire speed, material thickness and program
-Built in polarity change over facility for most common gas and gasless wires
-It is absolutely unique tor all external or internal maintenance jobs, car body repairs, agriculture and very light fabrication works
-Wire spool lodging up to Ø 200 mm max
-Possibility of utilizing Ø 300 mm coils by means of the Retrofit Kit (Optional)
-Professional 2-roll wire feeding mechanism tor a precise and constant wire driving
-Welding “mode” selector; 2T/4T – initial & crater – spot timer – stitch timer function

Submerged Arc Welding Machines

Submerged arc welding (SAW) is a process in which the joining of metals is produced by heating with an arc or arcs between a bare metal electrode or electrodes and the work.

The arc is shielded by a blanket of granular fusible material on the work. Pressure is not used. Filler metal is obtained from the electrode or from a supplementary welding rod.

-Maximum efficiency (%100 1000 A) Cutting and gouging with carbon electrode. (6 – 12 mm)
-Able to operate with generators
-Adjusting the sensitivity of current with digital display
-Protection against overheat, overcurrent, overvoltage and shot circuit
-Capable of working with up to 100 m welding cable
-Easy arc start and adjustable arc start time

Plasma Cutting Machines

As a renowned specialist in sheet metal machines, Welder delivers plasma cutting machinery that meets your most exacting demands.

-Arc parameter electronic control for an excellent cutting quality
-Cutting parameters stability within ± 10% mains voltage fluctuations long lasting consumable parts
-lnnovative and user friendly design
-Robust handle integrated into the chassis
-Control rack protection cover
-IP 23 protection class and dust-proof electronic components, thanks to the innovative “Tunnel” fan cooling system, allow their -use in the toughest work environment
-Electrode wearing and improper operation signalling
-Possibility of cutting grids and perforated lamination sheets
-Contact cutting possibility without sliding blocks or other spacers
-Central connector for the torch
-Built-in filter with air impurity automatic expulsion
-PFC – Power Factor Correction (Cos f=1)
-The PFC circuit gives the machine a wider protection against mains voltage fluctuations, by also making it safer whenever being -operated by power generator sets

Welding Machine Considerations

In addition to knowing which welding technique to use, choosing the right welding machine requires taking into account a number of important considerations:

      • Quality of the weld: If you need a high quality weld that looks good, you want to choose a TIG welder. If you need to create a strong weld between rusty or dirty metals, you might consider a stick or flux-cored welding machine.
      • Welding conditions: Rough outdoor conditions, such as wind, require a stick or flux-cored welder. This may occur at construction sites or shipyards.
      • Metal thickness: While you can use stick welding machines for thick metals, thin materials call for MIG or TIG welders. The car manufacturing industry involves a lot of welding of thin metals.
      • Metal types: TIG welders work well with all metals or alloys, except for cast iron. MIG welding is ideal for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys. Stick welders work best on steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.
      • Basic or complex machine: If you just started welding training and the welding job is simple, a basic machine like a small MIG welder would suffice. If you are advanced and the welding job requires more power, you may want to get a high-tech TIG welder.
      • AC/DC power source: Steel and stainless steel are typically welded with a DC output. Aluminum and magnesium are best welded with an AC output. Should you weld a variety of materials, choose a combination AC/DC welding machine.
      • Portable welding: If the power source will be moved, you need a portable welder that works with either an inverter or that is engine-driven.
      • Welding power source duty cycle: The duty cycle is the amount of time you can weld without having to worry about overheating or burning the power source. While a hobby welder may only need a 20% duty cycle, a professional might use a complex TIG welding machine that has a 100% duty cycle. In most settings, duty cycles of 40%-60% are sufficient. 2

Choosing the right welding machine depends on the type of job you want to do.